Decontoured is the first luxury fashion label that functions as a Meta Designer and provides a Bespoke Service for redesigning existing garments that have exceptional, symbolic value for their owners, but need to be given a new life.

We decontour garments—preserving their heritage, while giving them a contemporary design and shape.

Our Bespoke Service provides an exciting, collaborative experience that invites clients to become co-creators in the design process, so that garments, once created, reflect perfectly both your physical contours and personality.

Based in Milan and collaborating with the finest artisans and producers, we keep traditional techniques and craftsmanship alive, and combine them with the latest design technology. We exist to provide an alternative holistic luxury experience, and to create meaningful garments without adding more waste to the planet.

Emotional, ethical, collaborative and innovative, Decontoured is unique among luxury fashion brands.

For us, true luxury is the freedom never to accept without questioning, to preserve our values and contour ourselves and our reality the way we desire.

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