Stephanie’s dress before & after

Throughout my life I had big dramatic shifts in style that were all about trying on different identities and exploring myself. This process is still on and I enjoy it. Over the years with my style changes many garments end up in a trash or were given away, but some pieces remained with me just like old photos and souvenirs as material evidence of my past life. One of them is this dress that I wore on my sister’s weeding and which after became a part of my “very expensive, precious archive”. From time to time I would try it on, but I never actually wore it again cause, as you could guess, I already entered my new style phase. Discovering Decontoured for me was like finding a “perfect partner in crime” and I had so much fun with Kristina during the process of creation. I am crazy about my new dress and can’t wait for my other pieces to be finished.

The story behind